Chronicles on how maneuver through life as a young widowed mother.

Forever growing.

Never who I was.

Who are you when you can’t relate to the woman you once were?

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Day 909

There are things that pop into one’s mind over and over again. Why? What is the purpose? I often find myself gazing into the nothing. The tree branches against a clouded sky. The old dried leaves still covering the grounds from this last winter. Listening to the wind whispering or loud angry roars. Speaking to … Continue reading Day 909

Day 908

How long does it usually take to wake up? I feel as though I have been waking up in larger ways slowly over time since 2012…. Maybe even before? No 2012 was when I decided I would at least attempt to fight for me. I was thinking about the act of waking up. I set … Continue reading Day 908

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